Why online marketing is essential for dental and orthodontics practices in 2016

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There are many businesses who regard online marketing and a social media presence for their business as a write-off. Perhaps this is true for a very small amount of less customer-orientated businesses, but certainly not for dentists and orthodontists. Online marketing and social media has never been more prominent than now and business-use of them will only continue to grow. The dark ages of the yellow pages are over and your business isn’t going to market itself, especially if your competitors are one step ahead with a bustling online presence. So if you still think you don’t need online marketing for your dental or orthodontics practice, you may want to think again…

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Why should I bother with an online marketing campaign?

As well as providing excellent dental and orthodontic services, presenting your business as a welcoming and friendly one is paramount. Going to the dentist of orthodontist can be a daunting and unnerving prospect for many, so it’s in your interest to come across as welcoming as possible online and give your patients the confidence that they might need. With an online marketing campaign in your arsenal, you can also:

  • Promote any special offers, keep patients in the loop with industry news and fun facts.
  • Build a strong relationship with patients of all ages.
  • Link up with other businesses in your area to boost your profile.


How are Facebook, Twitter and blogging relevant to a dentistry or orthodontics business?

Some may think that it is unconventional for dentist or orthodontist practices to have a presence online but this is rapidly changing. In an online survey from 2012, 67% of dental practices had a strong social media and web campaign. One of the main aspects of an online marketing and social media campaign is reaching out to new patients who may be slightly out of your catchment area. An online marketing agency will achieve this by including effective hashtags on Twitter and Facebook posts, which will be viewed by those living in those areas thus increasing your chances of generating new businesses. An online agency will target your desired patient demographic and keep costs to a minimum.


What if I’ve already got enough business? Do I still need to make noise online?

You may not be interested in securing new business or may not have the means to handle extra patients. However, maintaining an online presence for existing patients has become a significant part of any service in order to keep a strong rapport with them. Blog posts, articles, Twitter and Facebook posts will keep your client base up-to-date with your business and make them more likely to like, share and make noise about you.


Who should I approach for an online marketing campaign?  

With hundreds of digital and online marketing agencies out there, it’s difficult to know who to approach for this. You should be looking for an agency who:

  • Are good listeners.
  • Will take a pro-active approach to helping you succeed by researching and suggesting new ways and tailored advice on how to improve the business.
  • Have a good understanding of your sector or be keen to learn more about your business.
  • Will maintain close and on-going contact with you in order to understand what it is you want your client base to hear.
  • Have a talent for producing original, interesting and engaging writing. As an orthodontic or dentist practice, the chances are that a substantial amount of the content you would like your audience to see is going to be quite particular. A good online marketing agency can take technical and complicated orthodontic and dental information and turn it into concise and interesting posts and articles.
  • Have a proven track record of online success – proven statistics of how their work has helped others with their online rankings and social media engagement.


How do I know if an online marketing campaign is making a difference to my business?

 Having a strong online presence is not something you can achieve overnight, nor with the odd social media or blog post here and there. Like any relationship, it has to be neutered overtime and the content must be relevant, interesting, informative and fun – variety is key and so is patience. Consistency is also crucial. In handing over all of this to a successful online marketing agency, you can be sure that you’ll have a steady flow of relevant content and that your business doesn’t fall off the radar – a very common problem! If you’re only going to commit to posting once or twice a week, you may as well not do it at all.

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