Here at Breathe Online Marketing, we can help you and your dental practice increase visibility across all the search engines. Our specialists have over 20 years combined experience in the field of SEO, specialising in dental ortho & health care.

Ethical SEO can only be accomplished through time and perseverance with a well thought-out strategy.

Increasing Organic Rankings Produces More Traffic And Conversions To Your Business

SEO takes time and is all about having your components lined up to gain maximum ranking points within Google’s algorithm. It’s all about making sure your website is architecturally sound – this means that not just one factor needs to be strong, but the rest too.


We will analyse your website, run the site through vigorous tests and produce a detailed technical SEO report to be implemented. We will also recommend any additions that we believe will benefit you and show you how to implement other features that will compliment the SEO campaign. These can be anything from rich snippets, video optimisation, RSS feeds, image optimisation, reviews, Google news and more.

We believe in project transparency as well as great communication which is served to you throughout the whole campaign. You will receive detailed reports each month that will include analytics and ranking increases. With this data we will then recommend the direction your business should take in order to increase traffic and conversions. We encourage monthly calls to keep our working relationship fresh and to keep you in-front of the competition.

Key components for improving optimisation

Apart from the initial technical audit which will cover a check-list of over 50 points, we will also recommend (depending on your goals and type of business) the following techniques during the campaign:


This method involves schema mark-up code to insert certain features with your website’s listing snippet within the search results. A good example is the star rating you see for Trip Advisor. But other snippets can include opening times, recipes, reviews etc. The main advantage of using the rich snippet is to increase the click-through rate to your website.


Google rewards websites that produce original and unique content. One way to prove that you are the content originator and responsible for the content is by putting your name and image to the content. If you type in ‘Matt Cutts’ who is head of Google’s web spam team you will see his face within the search results for any content he is responsible for creating. This method provides the potential visitor with a face to the business and encouragement that the website is ‘real’ & worth clicking on. The author of the content, overtime, can also increase his name as a leader within his industry, which increases brand awareness ans popularity. All good for achieving trust and higher rankings within Google.


We can recommend ways to promote video, so that it has a greater chance of showing within Google’s search results for related phrases. A video snippet uses the most space out of all snippet types to date. So trying to add a video clip within the results is recommended to help ‘own’ the top page of search results and to improve click-through rates. Video optimisation and production is a lot cheaper than you may expect – you essentially can do all of this with a mobile phone and a video host such as YouTube or Vimeo.


A page that loads faster is now credited with more ranking points within Google’s algorithm. Google wishes to serve users with the most trusted results, but also the best user experience. So if your website loads slow you will overtime slowly be de-ranked. We provide page speed optimisation as part of the technical SEO report, as these days it is a fundamental part of the project which needs to be implemented.


A responsive website is a website that loads perfectly on all devices. For example on a mobile phone certain images may be removed to increase load times, and menu navigation re-designed for ease of use. A responsive design has lots of advantages over a traditional site, or a site that also has another page to load for mobile sites, for example /mobile/ or a .mobi domain. A responsive website is a website where the URL does not change but the components on the page do change depending on the device. Google favours responsive websites as their user will be served with a better user experience.

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