A researched and effective PPC campaign can make a vital difference to your practice’s growth, but this is not possible without an in-depth understanding of your business. Here at Breathe, we pride ourselves on our ability to interpret your goals and ambitions in order to channel them to help you succeed.

We oversee carefully managed PPC campaigns and offer targeted search and content adverts. We focus on driving conversions for your website in the form of enquiries, newsletter sign-ups and appointment bookings.

Here at Breathe Online Marketing, our team are confident they can deliver successful and useful conversions for your budget. With continuous optimisation and the implementation of a high ROI and planned campaign, your practice will stay ahead of competitors.

What PPC Services Do We Offer?

Keyword Research

Breathe Online Marketing will extensively research keywords for use in the PPC campaign. All keywords will be focused towards your practice objectives and services offered.


Tailored adverts specific to keywords to ensure high click through rates (CTR) and conversion through to enquiry on the website

Monitoring & Optimisation

Managing any PPC campaign requires constant monitoring and bid optimisation to ensure maximum return on investment. For example any keywords that are not performing or that are heavily draining your budget will be re-targeted and given less budget exposure – giving performing keywords more exposure.

Full Data Transparency

We believe data is key to maximum ROI for any campaign, thus keeping all data available for analysis can only improve results.

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