How To Grow You Practice Online – Top 5 Tips

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Using online platforms has never been more important than today and no business can do without. Even if you think your business is niche and wouldn’t reap any benefits from being online, the chances are you’re wrong. Gone are the days of Yellow Pages – the internet is the biggest and most used hub of information we have and your business needs to be as high up in Google as possible to get found. How to achieve this? Here are a few tips…..


  1. Create an effective website. Whatever sector you’re in, today an effective, attractive and informative website is essential. The chances are, the majority of your clients will have found you on online rather than via other means like word of mouth or in a magazine.
  2. Keep your website up-to-date. If you’ve got a website, you have to treat it like people are going to use it as a hub for information. If you misinform someone due to out-dated content, you may lose clients. Having an outdated website might also reflect badly on your business and your attitude towards your trade.
  3. Strike a balance between aesthetics/purpose. We all know that an attractive visual can do wonders in the world of marketing, but the cracks will start to show if you fail to upload regular, fresh content. This is not the same as point number 2 which refers to the fundamentals of your business, this is aspects such as offering new testimonials, regular blogs, vlogging and images.
  4. Social media. From 2014 it was estimated that 74% of adults were on social media channels. All the more reason to employ them into your marketing strategy, especially if you’re in orthodontics where your targets will be principally adults.
  5. Bring it all together. Building an online rapport with your clients isn’t something that happens overnight and if you want it to be a success, you need to think it through. Identify the best times to post online when you’re likely to get the most engagement from your followers. Promote your website using social media. Use a Google + account to wrap all of your platforms in one place like an information hub for your business.


Orthodontics is a people-orientated line of work. Making your clients feel re-assured about coming to your practice is important, especially when many people have negative associations with dentistry. An online presence is an excellent tool to consolidate this.



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