Google Analytics plays a key role as part of the services we offer….

Google Analytics is indispensable for any SEO venture. Our team know how to get the best out of Google Analytics and yield top results for our dental clients.

Convert Users Into Sales and Leads

Top spots in the search engine are competative. Google Analytics allows business owners an in-depth insight into their trends and offers exclusive ways in which to improve rankings and call visitors to action. We don’t just collect information for our clients. The enquiring minds of our consultants will interpret your businesses’ Google Analytics data and use it to take you beyond your competitors.

Correct Implementation

We know Google Analytics inside and out. We channel your website and Google Analytics’ reports. The result? A whole host of information.  Unfortunately, not all information is equal and there’s plenty of it to be had which makes things difficult. That is where HookedOnMedia stands out from the competition. We can enlighten you and help interpret this mass of information along using the best tools for the job.

Multi Channel Tracking

Google Analytics is a versatile tool. Dental practices who are looking to make their website and brand stand out are going to need a comprehensive marketing plan including RSS blogs, social media, as well as customer generated content. In turn, information streaming from Google Analytics will become invaluable, offering insight into which channels are working and which are not. With the correct information at your disposal, your practice will be able to focus its energy to target the correct demographic and as a result, convert more leads.


The benefits of Google Analytics also does not stop at the demographics or social media data.  Breathe Online Marketing will use Google Analytics to help your practice understand the mechanics of you website such as graphics, layout and basic design. We pride ourselves on being Google Analytics experts.

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