Breathe Online Marketing optimise campaigns at very start – we like to know things are well organised and engineered. This means that along the way it’s easy to change edit and improve our work. Adwords ‘Quality Score’ also comes into play and having a well structured account will also bring lower CPC (cost per click) benefits. As related keywords are grouped together, Quality Score will be improved and costs will be driven down.

We have valuable experience in structuring PPC & Adwords campaigns. Factors we will take into account include:

– Individual products & services
– Budget considerations
– Current website structure
– Geographic location targeting
– Seasonal Targeting

Ad Text
We have a way with words. Breathe Online Marketing ensure that all PPC campaigns include well written, strong ad text and effective calls to action. Destination URLs of these ads are carefully chosen and variations of ad text are tested along the way to ensure your campaign is as optimised to the maximum. If one ad variation is producing more sales or leads than another, then we will keep the high performing ad and aim to optimise it further.

Landing Pages
Optimised landing pages are at the centre of a successful PPC campaign – this is why we ensure pages include:

–  Original content
–  Are transparent ????
–  Easy navigability

Display Placements
We will ensure that display adverts feature on websites that are relevant to you, your dental practice and most importantly, that they are converting, i.e. ensure that any users clicking on your display ads are converting into your targeted goals. This is achieved through tracking, once set up correctly tracking will determine if ad clicks are generating conversions.

We will also ensure that the correct payment stucture is in place, normally this is either CPC (cost per click) bidding, or CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

Our Main Principles Of Campaign Optimisation

– Identify goals.
– Measure the results.
– Experiment and adapt.
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